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In Henderson, conventional storage water heaters remain the most popular type of water heating system for the home. But now there are many choices of tank water heaters, besides just choosing the fuel type. Making the right choice for your family and business is where we come in. Call today and your Henderson plumber will help you get the model that is right for your application.

Don’t Buy That Cheap Water Heater

Las Vegas has numerous plumbers that only sell cheap water heaters. If you buy one of these you will be paying more for utilities for 15 years to come and the money you thought you save will be paid many times over to the gas company. The bottom line is never settle for anything less than an Energy Star rated water heater. If you want a tax credit of even lower energy bills and unlimited hot water, you can upgrade from there.

The following basic information about how the typical water heaters work; what criteria to use when selecting the right model; and some installation, maintenance, and safety tips.

How Water Heaters Work

A Henderson – Las Vegas single-family storage water heater offers a ready reservoir—from 40 to 80 gallons—of hot water. It operates by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. To replace that hot water, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, ensuring that the tank is always full.

In order to save money on the water heater you already have, insulate it with at least R-6 insulation. Read your water heater manufacturer’s warranty to make sure it’s not voided by adding a water heater jacket. Do not cover the pressure release valve when you wrap the water heater. When service requires a professional, call the  plumber in Henderson your neighbors have come to trust.