Residential Emergency Plumbing Service Available 24/7

The Silverstate team has cruise on call 24 hours a day seven days a week for your families convenience. Our prices are always in line because we want to customer to feel like they can depend on us even when there is a plumbing emergency.

So if your water heater starts leaking or your sewer line is backed up, do not hesitate to call our experienced crews to fix things fast.

If you discover a leak, do not hesitate to call because the property damage could be significant if left unrepaired. Our team will arrive with equipment to detect where the leak has originated and make the needed repairs quickly.

Commercial Emergency Plumbing Service Available 24/7

If your hotel, casino, retail, or restaurant experiences a plumbing emergency, rest assured that our teams are on call to help you now! Every time you call Silverstate plumbing you will receive fast service at a reasonable price. We understand that this is a 24 hour city so we’re here for you now. In Boulder Citi, you’ll be pleased to know that are certified technicians are just a few minutes away.