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Backflow Preventers - Boulder Plumber - HTA Plumbing 702-924-2815

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When dealing with a home or a business’s potable water supply one of the more serious issues that can arise is that of backflow. Backflow occurs when the water inside a piping system begins to flow in the opposite direction.

Backflow occurrence can cause clean and potable water to be tainted by other contaminated water. Depending on the level of the water’s contaminants this issue can cause a home or business’s water to no longer be potable, and could lead to health issues if gone unnoticed. Because of the high health risk associated with a failure to prevent backflow, there are many methods as well as laws surrounding the use of proper backflow preventers.

Backflow is most commonly caused by back pressure or back siphonage. Backflow cause by back pressure happens when the pressure within the plumbing system is increased to an amount that is more than the pressure in the supply of water. When the backflow is caused by back siphonage the cause is found to be because of the pressure of the supply was decreased. There are a number of different methods that are used as backflow preventers including pressure relief valves.

One of the most important parts of preventing backflow is through the use of check valves as well as pressure relief valves. Mandates on building specifications require that automatic check valves are used according to the risk level of possibly contaminated water that could be connected to the potable water system.

The different types of valves that are required include single check valves, double check valves and pressure relief valves. Single check valves are used when dealing with water that has a low risk level of dangerous contamination while double check valves are required for anything with a higher risk level.

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