Henderson Nevada Water Purification Systems Installed and Repaired by Silverstate Plumbing

Home filtration systems are very popular in the Boulder city area. Our plumbers are specifically trained to install and maintain this equipment.

Promote Water Drinking

Make sure your water is safe and pleasant to drink by installing a water filtration system in your Las Vegas home. Bottled water isn’t up to par and his an unnecessary expense. Consider installing a reverse osmosis system.

Commercial Water Treatment Systems Installed and Repaired in Henderson

Trust professionals at Silverstate plumbing to install and maintain the water purification system at your office. It’s a fact that pure water is not only better for you but can increase the productivity and health of your employees at same time.

It’s also great to be up to offer your clients/customers some fresh, pure Clean water.

Install Water Softener Equipment

Many of the homes in Las Vegas are still using untreated hard water.┬áThe plumbers from Silverstate have experienced firsthand that hard water is any type that contains excessive minerals and metals. Hard water is soft to drink in most cases. But it doesn’t taste well. A water softener removes these excess minerals, that can affect the way your skin feels in your hair looks, make your appliances last longer, and more.

There are many types of water softeners including timer/meter controlled units and electric and nonelectric units. Silverstate plumbing installs all type of water softeners in the Boulder city Nevada area. The majority of them use a block of salt or tablet salt.

Call our plumbing service today for free estimate on installing a water filtration system or water softener system or both! You will find that we take pride in our work and provide you with only the highest skilled technicians available in the Clark County area. Our team is on call 24/7. We’ve achieved a high rating with the Better Business Bureau because we provide the best service and price combination and always strive to make client happy.